Pre-installation & Discovery meeting

The Pre-implementation meeting is held with HR/Learning & Development and your Office 365/SharePoint Online administrators. The aim of the meeting is to get stakeholders together to discuss requirements and to start the thought process (LMS365) for Learning & Development and discuss the installation process with your Office 365/SharePoint Online Administrators.


Installation and Testing

Installation and initial configuration of LMS365 in your Office 365 tenant and the initial testing. Your Office 365 tenant administrator is required for the installation.  QA testing is carried out by our certified ELEARNINGFORCE ANZ technician. The testing covers all LMS365 features and functionality.

Mentoring Program

LMS365 Administrators Mentoring Program commences after QA testing is completed. This program includes up to four LMS administrators and runs for 90 days. The purpose of this program is to support the team through the critical period that includes loading and creating courses.

Step 1 - Get to know your LMS, a series of Videos, Webinars, Documents and Guides. 

Step 2 - A LMS365 administrators workshop (normally remote, but can be onsite)

Step 3 - LMS365 exercises over 10 days (each approx. 30 mins) to reinforce what is learnt in the workshop. These exercises are hands on and cover items from the workshop.

Step 4 - Access to LMS365 Mentors Program is through our Microsoft Teams site. This provides administrators with direct access to mentors.



The standard FastTrack is offered at a fixed price covering the scope described on this website. Additional services such as branding, migration, integration and content is subject to ELEARNINGFORCE terms and conditions for consulting services, either based on time and material or fixed price.