We strive for the learning experience to be personalised, accessible and engaging. Ideally we want it to also leverage the IT infrastructure in our organisation. Allow your employees to learn, grow and connect in one platform. Join the webinar and learn how to:
  • Build a collaborative learning experience
  • Create, distribute and track training in your familiar environment
  • Bridge social and collaborative elements of classroom training with the advantages of self-paced e-learning in one shared workspace

Microsoft Teams: Your new home for learning

LMS365 is built for Microsoft Teams, allowing businesses to effectively train, empower and engage their employees with the full power of the Teams platform.

By bringing everything together in a shared workspace where you can learn, chat, meet and share files, your organisation is on the way to building a collaborative learning culture.


This webinar meeting will be based on use-case scenarios with the opportunities to ask questions. All registrants will receive the webinar recording.

Best regards,

Penny West


Business Development Manager